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Notes on references to DOBBIE, mostly in Lanark County. Documents mentioned are at the Perth Museum, Algonquin College, Perth Library, Smiths Falls Library, Brockville Library, etc.


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-- MARRIED, on Apr 30, at residence of bride's mother, by Rev. James Wilson, Alexander G. DOBBIE, Esq., to Elizabeth, eldest dau of the late Joseph LAMONT, Esq., Lanark. (PC, May 2, 1879). -- DOBBIE, Alexander Gardiner, Lives in Lanark, born in Glasgow, father is Thomas Dobbie, mother is Marion ______, date 04-30-1879, married to Elisabeth LAMONT. (MSAL) -- BORN, on Tues. 23 Mar, to the wife of Mr. A.G. DOBBIE, Reeve of Lanark, twin boys, one stillborn. (PC, Mar 26, 1880). DOBBIE, George Alexander B 1880.03.23 015142-80 M11 Lanark 30 -- BORN, on Fri. 21st Oct., to the wife of Mr. A.G. DOBBIE, Lanark, a son. (PC, Oct 28, 1881). DOBBIE, B 1881.10.21 015410-81 M11 Lanark 30 Ontario birth certificate #015410-81, MS 929, Reel 49: Unnamed male DOBBIE, Oct. 21, 1881 Father: Alexander Gardiner DOBBIE, Iron founder Mother: Elizabeth LAMONT Residence: Lanark Village; Registered Dec. 19, 1881. -- 1880 - 1881 - Biography appears in "Historical Atlas of Lanark & Renfrew Counties, 1880-1881": Reeve of Lanark Village (for 6 of previous 7 years), born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1840, came to Canada at age of 16 (1856), learned the moulder's trade. -- At the residence of her son-in-law, Mr. A.G. DOBBIE, Brockville, Elizabeth MURRAY, wife of the late Mr. Joseph LAMONT, Lanark, aged 83 yrs. LAMONT (further) ... born in Paisley Scotland and come to America with father late Mr. James MURRAY in 1820, settling near Middleville ... married 1st to Dr. McNAUGHT of Utica N.Y. ... then to Mr. LAMONT whom she survived about 30 years ... large family only 2 survive, Mrs. A.G. DOBBIE, Brockville and Mrs. D.S. McDIARMID (sic), Carlton Place ... and of Messrs J.M. and W.T. WALKER of this office. (PC, Aug. 21, 1891). -- Died, Miss Ethel ROBERTSON, Lanark, of consumption, Thurs Apr 20. Mr. George DORMER, St. Mary's and Mrs. A.G. DOBBIE, Brockville, are cousins. (PC May 5, 1899). -- Nov. 21, Brockville, A.G. DOBBIE, one of Brockville's leading merchants. Died as result of a fall downstairs. (RM, Nov. 27, 1914). DOBBIE, Alexander G D 1914.11.21 018664-14 M91 Brockville 31 -- At St. Vincent de Paul Hosp, Brockville, aged 72 years, Fri. Dec. 22, Elizabeth LAMONT, wife of late A.G. DOBBIE, Brockville. Husb. died 3 yrs ago. Both of pioneer Lanark families and she was born at Lanark. 2 sons survive: George A. of Galt and J. Murray, town (Perth?). Presbyterian. (PC, Dec. 28, 1917). DOBBIE, Elizabeth D 1917.12.21 018527-17 F91 Brockville 31 -- Sat. Dec. 30, Walter W. BENNETT, age 48 from pneumonia ... cousin J. Murray DOBBIE, Brockville (left most of it out) (PC, Jan 12, 1917). ----------------------------------------------------------------------


Aug 21, 1868 - MARRIED, at Rosetta, 16th ult, by Rev. J.D. McLean, Allan DOBBIE of Dalhousie Twp, to Janet, only daughter of William MORRIS. ----------------------------------------------------------------------


------------ MARRIED, on 13th inst, Mr. David DOBBIE, a taylor, to Miss Agnes BLACKBURN, of Perth, at St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church. (PC, Jan. 16, 1852) ------------ BORN, on 31st ult., to Mrs. David DOBBIE, a daughter. (PC, Nov 5, 1852). ------------ DIED, on Sun., 18th inst., Agnes, wife of David DOBBIE, age 28 yrs. (PC, May 23, 1856). ------------ MARRIED on 22-12-1897, David G. DOBBIE, son of David & Agnes BLACKBURN, to Hetty A. POOLE, dau of John & Alice WHITE (Perth, Ashbury Methodist). (PMAR) -- Dobie, David m. 01-13-1852, Agnes BLACKBURN, b. 1828, d. 05-18-1856 (childbirth), buried in Craig Cemetery, Perth, Ont. (Craig Cemetery listings?) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- DOBBIE, David, died July 26, 1856, aged 28 yrs, Native of Brightown, Scotland. Buried in plot 477, Lanark Village Cemetery. (CLV) ----------------------------------------------------------------------


-- Dobie, James b. Scotland, Ship: Commerce, Immigrated: Sept. 15, 1820. Wife: Rose Ann (see deed, Inst. 174, May 21, 1852, mortgage for 100 pounds held at Algonquin College) Children: 1 son, 2 daughters. Address: Lanark, Con. 1, Lot 12W "Swamp: Large clearing; Rocky and stoney; no family mentioned." (ESDB and ESCM) -- Lanark Con01 Lot 12P sold 06-16-1838 to John Totton Lanark Con01 Lot 12W purch 06-04-1845 ("James Dobie of Lanark") These listed in the General Register index. Investigate the original documents -- Maybe this one changed to DOBBIE spelling??? -- Following is 1851 Census of Lanark Township; Lan. Con.01, Lot 12: DOBBIE, James Sr.; born Ireland; age 64; farmer , Rose Ann Mrs. (Kelso); born Ireland; age 62 , Rose Ann; born Canada; age 30 , David; born Canada; age 22 , John; born Canada; age 10 -- DOBBIE, James, July 11, 1872, aged 87 yrs , William, April 1861, aged 30 yrs KELSO, Rosanna, Dec. 17, 1875, aged 87 yrs. Above in plot 398, Lanark Village Cemetery (CLV) DOBBIE, James D 1874.07.11 005606-74 M91 Lanark Twp. 30 DOBBIE, Rose Ann D 1877.12.11 006592-77 F91 Lanark Twp 30 -- 02-10-1866 - Gavin JAMIESON, son of John & Mary McCORMACK, to Rosa (sic) Ann DOBBIE, dau of James & Rose-Ann KELSO. (Perth, St. Andrew's Presbyterian). (MPRP/PMAR) -- DOBBIE, Thomas, son of James DOBBIE & Rosannah KELSO, born in Lanark, 07-11-1825. (BPMC) -- 11-29-1866 - David DOBBIE, (age 36, lived in Lanark, born in N. Sherbrook) son of James DOBBIE & Rose Ann KELSO, to Margaret CRAWFORD. (MSAL) | At the house of the bride's father, Apr. 29, by Rev. Jas Wilson, Mr. James McQUAT, Dalhousie, to Charlotte, eldest daughter of David DOBBIE, Esq., 2nd Line Lanark. (PC May 1, 1891). | David DOBBIE, died in Lanark Twp Nov. 23 in his 85th yr. Married 48 yrs ago to Margaret CRAWFORD who survives. Had 3 sons & 2 dau. 1 dau & 1 son are dead. Living are: Alfred & John at home; Mrs. McQUATT, Heron's Mills. To Watson's Corners Cem. Sunday 24th inst. (PC, Nov. 29, 1912). DOBBIE, David D 1912.11.23 018120-12 M91 Lanark Twp 30 DOBBIE, David D 1912.11.23 037016-12 M91 Lanark Twp 30 | In Lanark Twp., Sun. Dec 8, Margaret CRAWFORD, widow of late David DOBBIE, aged 76 yrs. Born in N. Gower. Married 53 yrs ago. 3 daus & 3 sons: Mrs. James McQUATT, Dalhousie; Mrs William DUNCAN, dec.; Nellie, at home; James, dec.; John W., Heron's Mills; and Alfred, on homestead. Bros & sisters are: Mrs. John McCURDY, Drummond; Mrs. William LEGARY, Pilot Mound; and John, Calgary AB. To Watsons Crs. Cem. (PC, Dec. 13, 1918). DOBBIE, Margaret D 1918.12.08 022894-18 F91 Lanark Twp 30 DOBBIE, Margaret D 1918.12.08 047990-18 F91 Lanark Twp 30 ? J. Howard HERRON, 1882 - his wife Nellie DOBBIE, 1890-1943 Plot 283, Middleville Greenwood Cemetery (CLV, Middleville section) -- 06-23-1871 - James DOBBIE, (lived in Lanark, born in N. Sherbrook) son of James Dobbie & Rose Ann KELSO, to Deborah LOVE. (MSAL) - DIED, at the old family residence on the west side of Lanark, on 11th inst., Rose Ann, relict of the late James DOBBIE, age 87 yrs. (PC, Dec. 14, 1877). DOBBIE, Rose Ann D 1877.12.11 006592-77 F91 Lanark Twp 30 -- Will of James DOBBIE, who died Nov. 26, 1906, lists wife Deborah and sons William George DOBBIE and Thomas DOBBIE. DOBBIE, James D 1906.11.26 015804-06 M91 Lanark Twp 30 DOBBIE, James C D 1907.04.01 016490-07 M91 Lanark 30 -- Died, Mr. James LOVE, an old resident of Lavant died Friday morning June 15, age 82 years. 7 mos. Born in Co. Tipperary Ire. Nov. 15, 1812, emigrated with father's family 1821. Settled 4th Con. N. Sherbrooke. Feb. 1841 married Marion TWADDLE who came to Canada same yr as husband. 11 children, 2 dead. Survivors -- Robert, Man.; Mrs. Jas DOBBIE, Lanark Twp.; Mrs. John TOOLEY, Playfair; George, Minn.; Mrs McCONNELL, Bathurst; Mrs Ed McINNES, John (on homestead), Mrs. H. ALBERTS & Mrs. R. KIRKWOOD, all of Lavant. (PC, Jun 29, 1894). | In Bathurst, Tues. Oct. 2, John T. LOVE, Clyde Forks, aged 70 yrs. 5 mos. Born in Lavant May 5, 1859, son of late M&M James LOVE, 1st wife Janet McDOUGALL, Elphin; predec 15 yrs ago leaving 3 sons & 3 daus: James, Clyde Forks; Alex, MacDonald's Corners; Edmund, Folger; Mrs. T.C. BLACKBURN, Bathurst; Mrs George ALBERTS, Regent Man.; & Minnie, Brightside. 2nd wife Mrs. W. FERGUSON, survives. Also bro George, MN; & sis Mrs. DOBBIE, Watson's Corners. To Crawfords Cem. beside late wife. (PC, Oct. 19, 1928). -- Ontario birth certificate #013555-76, MS 929, Reel 24: William DOBBIE, Oct. 31, 1876 Father: James Dobbie, farmer Mother: Deborah LOVE Residence: Lanark Twp.; Registered Nov. 16, 1876 -- 30-12-1914 - William DOBBIE, son of James & Deborah LOVE, to Winnifred WOODS, dau of Harry & Emma Jane DEACHMAN (Watson's Corners, Presbyterian). (MPRP/PMAR) -- Born, in Lanark Twp., Mon. Dec. 17, to M&M Wm DOBBIE, a dau. (PC, Dec. 21, 1917). -- Born, in Lanark Twp., Sat. May 31, to M&M Wm DOBBIE, a son. (PC, June 13, 1919). -- Born, in Lanark Twp. Sat Jan 22, to M&M Wm DOBBIE, a dau. (PC, Feb. 4, 1921). -- In Lanark, Wed. Feb. 25, Emma Jane DEACHMAN, wife of Henry WOODS, aged 58 yrs., 8 mos, of a stroke. Born in Middleville June 14, 1861, a dau of late Thos DEACHMAN. Leaves 1 dau & 6 sons: Mrs. Wm. DOBBIE, Lanark Twp; Fred, Frank & Thomas; Panbrum, Sask.; Melville & William, at home; Charles on homestead near Lanark. Also 3 sis & 3 bros. etc. . . . (PC, Mar 12, 1920). -- William G. DOBBIE - 1876-1954 / His wife, Winnifred WOODS - 1887-1986 (HC) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Dobie, Delram, Mrs. (Love) d. age 87, 01-29-1932. Spouse James DOBIE (PC) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- end of James Dobbie/Rose Ann Kelso ----------------------------------------------------------------------


JAMES DOBBIE - MARGARET MILLER (may be different James's) MARRIED, Oct. 27, by Rev. Wm Bain, Mr. James DOBIE, Founder, to Miss Margaret MILLER, both of Perth. (Perth, St. Andrew's Presbyterian). (PC Nov 10, 1848 & PMAR) | Dobie, James b. 1826, 10-27-1848 m. Margaret MILLAR, b. 1829 (PC?) on 27th October (1848), James Dobie, founder, to Margaret Miller, both of Perth. (Rev. W. Bain) (MNO, pg. 326) -- DIED, James DOBBIE, son of Mr. James DOBBIE of Lanark Foundry, drowned in Clyde River a few days ago, age about 6 yrs. (PC, Jul 21, 1865). ------------ DIED, at his residence in Lanark Village, Thurs. Jan. 28, Mr. James DOBBIE, aged 43 years. Native of Glasgow, Scotland. (PC, Feb 1, 1869). ------------ DOBBIE, Jane Reston, age 23, lived in Lanark, born in Perth, dau of James Dobbie & Margaret MILLER, date 05-27-1873; married Thomas Henry DORMER. (MSAL) ------------ DIED, on Tues., 29 July, Margaret MILLER, relict of late James DOBBIE, Founder, Lanark, age 44 yrs. (PC, Aug 1, 1873). ------------ DOBBIE, Maggie Falconer, age 23, living in Lanark, born in Perth, Father is James Dobbie, Mother is Margaret MILLER, date 12-17- 1873, married to James ROBERTSON. (MSAL) | MARRIED, on Wed. 17th Dec., by Rev. James Wilson, Mr. James ROBERTSON, to Miss Maggie DOBBIE, all of Lanark. (PC Dec 26, 1873). | ROBERTSON, -- Margaret DOBBIE, plot 228 Lanark Village Cemetery (CLV) | MARRIED, at Emerson, (Man.), 11 Nov. at the Presbyterian Church, by Rev. Mr. Whimpster, Winnipeg, Mr. T.C. SHAW, Pembina D T (sic), to Mary Falconer, 3rd dau of the late James DOBBIE, Lanark. (PC, Nov 27, 1885). | MARRIED, Thomas C. SHAW, Pembina, to Mary F. DOBBIE, formerly Lanark, dau. of late Jas. DOBBIE, 11 Nov. at Emerson, by Rev. Mr. Whimpster (AG, 1885 Pg. 56) | DIED, at Pembina Dak., Mrs. SHAW, formerly Miss Mary DOBBIE of Lanark, Dec. 7. (PC Dec 17, 1886). ------------ DIED, on Fri. Jan 2, at Lanark Village, Annie, 4th daughter of the late James DOBBIE, in 21st yr of her age. (PC, Jan 9, 1874). DOBBIE, Annie D 1874.01.02 004693-73 M91 Lanark 30 DOBBIE, Annie D 1874.01.02 034274-74 M91 Lanark 30 ------------ MARRIED, at Lanark, Wed. 25 Aug, by Rev. James Wilson, of St. Andrews Church, Mr. James LAURIE, Jr., Perth, to Rachel Isabella, 5th dau of the late James DOBBIE, Lanark. (PC, Aug 27, 1880). | DOBBIE, Rachel Isabella, age 18, born & living in Lanark, Father is James Dobbie, Mother is Margaret MILLER, date 08-25-1880, married to James Alexander LAURIE. (MSAL) | James Alexander LAURIE, manager Ottawa branch of Robertson Bros., at his home 297 Cooper St. (Ottawa), Wed. Born at Perth 62 yrs ago today, son of Mrs. & late J.L. Widow was Isobel (sic) DOBBIE, Lanark. (PC, Apr 18, 1924). ------------ MARRIED, Sept. 22, at residence of bride's father, by Rev. Jas Wilson, Mr. William R. DOBBIE, Fort McLeod, Alta, to Margaret May, dau of Mr. James SKIFFINGTON, Dalhousie. (PC Sep 28, 1888). | DOBBIE, William Reston, lives in Ft. McLeod, born in Lanark, father is James Dobbie, Mother is Margaret MILLER, date is 09-22-1888, married to Margaret Mary SKIFFINGTON. (MSAL) | Thurs. Sept. 13, at home of her daughter, Mrs. (Dr.) DOWNING, Carlton Place, Mrs. Wm. GARDNER, age 73. Born Agnes BURNS. Married Wm. GARDNER, McDonald's Cors when a young woman. He pre-dec her by 12 years. 1 dau. To Crawford Cem. Elphin. 4 bros & 2 sis: Walter, Winnipeg; John, Lanark, Alexander, Seatlle, James SKIFFINGTON (sic), Lanark; Mrs. James CAMERON, Fisher MN; & Mrs. W.R. DOBBIE, Pincher Creek, AB. (PC, Sept 21, 1917). ---------- Lanark Village Cemetery Listings: DOBBIE, James, Jan 28, 1869, aged 43 years , Margaret (Miller), July 29, 1873, aged 44 yrs, native of Glasgow, Scotland. , James, July 18, 1865, 5 yrs & 8 months , Henrietta Elizabeth, Apr 1, 1872, 6 yrs & 5 months , Annie, Jan 22, 1874, aged 20 yrs & 1 month , Thomas, Oct 23, 1869, aged 57 yrs All the above in plot 229, Lanark Village Cemetery (CLV) DOBBIE, Henrietta E D 1872.04.01 022930-72 F91 Lanark 30 DOBBIE, Annie D 1874.01.02 004693-73 M91 Lanark 30 DOBBIE, Annie D 1874.01.02 034274-74 M91 Lanark 30 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- end of James Dobbie/Margaret Miller ----------------------------------------------------------------------


DIED, at his residence, 2nd Line Lanark, on Sat. 11 July, James DOBBIE, age 36 (thus born cir 1838). (PC, Jul 24, 1874). DOBBIE, James D 1874.07.11 005606-74 M91 Lanark Twp. 30 ----------------------------------------------------------------------


Following is 1851 Census of Dalhousie Twp, Con.02, Lot 23E: DOBBIE, Robert; born Scotland; age 50 (cir 1801) , Mary; born Scotland; age 45 (cir 1806) , Thomas; born Scotland; age 16 (cir 1835) , George; born Scotland; age 14 (cir 1837) , Allan; born Scotland; age 11 (cir 1840) , Robert; born Canada; age 9 (cir 1842) , Margaret; born Canada; age 7 (cir 1844) , Hannah; born Canada; age 5 (cir 1846) , James; born Canada; age 3 (cir 1848) -- 10-10-1866 - Alexander STOUGHTON, son of Alexander & Catherine MURPHY, to Margaret DOBBIE, dau of Robert & Mary ALLEN. (Middleville, Congregational). (MPRP/PMAR) ------------ 30-04-1867 - Alexander Steven McGUNIGAL, son of John & Mary GEDDES, to Hannah DOBBIE, dau of Robert & Mary ALLEN. (Middleville, St. Paul's Presbyterian). (MPRP/PMAR) ------------ 17-07-1868 - Allan DOBBIE, son of Robert & Mary ALLEN, to Janet MORRIS, dau of William & Catherine STRUTHERS (Middleville, St. Paul's Presbyterian). (MPRP/PMAR) ------------ 13-07-1869 - Robert DOBBIE, son of Robert & Mary ALLEN, to Mary Anne McGUNIGAL, dau of John & Masry (sic) Anne GRAHAM (Middleville, St. Paul's Presbyterian). (MPRP/PMAR) -- Ontario marriage certificate #007956-92, MS 932, Reel 82: Date: July 3, 1892 at North Bay, Ont. Wallace EATON, age 23, farmer Residence: Cache Bay; Born: Cty of Wellington Parents: Wallace & Ellen Eaton To: Matilda Jane DOBIE, age 18 Residence: Cache Bay; Born: Cty of Lanark Parents: Robert & Mary Ann Dobie Witnesses: Robert Dobie, W.A. Dobie, Cache Bay Married by Walter Coulthard Note: Another marriage certificate, very close on the same reel, is of Matilda's sister. Name is spelled DOBBIE, and born at Flower Station. ------------ 08-02-1870 - George DOBBIE, (age 32, lived in Dalhousie, born in Glasgow), son of Robert & Mary ALLEN, to Janet FERGUSON. (MSAL) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- end of Robert Dobbie & Mary Allen ----------------------------------------------------------------------


------------ DOBBIE, Thomas, Lanark Village, son of James & Rosanna KELSO, 04-27- 1858, to Mary McLELLAN, Bathurst, dau of Samuel & Charlotte CORRY. (SELM) | MARRIED, in Bathurst, April 27, by Rev. J. Cameron, Mr. Thomas DOBBIE, Lanark, to Miss Mary McLELLAN, Bathurst. (PC May 7, 1858). ------------ MARRIED, Nov. 3, at residence of bride's father, N. Burgess, by Rev. Wm Miller, N. Elmsley, Mr. Adam MILLER, farmer, Sulivan Twp., to Miss Elizabeth DOBBIE, dau of Thos DOBBIE. (PC Nov 12, 1869). ------------ MARRIED, Thomas BUCHANA (sic), to Jane DOBBIE, daughter of Thomas DOBBIE, formerly of North Burgess, now both of William Fort, Grey Co. 12 July (1875), by Rev. J. Straith, Paisley, Bruce Co. (AG 1875, Pg. 43). ------------ MARRIED, at the Clyde Hotel, Lanark, on 23 June, by Rev. James Wilson, James McFARLANE, Drummond, to Charlotte E., eldest dau of Mr. Thomas DOBBIE, Lanark. PC Jul 9, 1880). -- DOBBIE, Charlotte C, age 21, (thus born cir 1859) lives in Lanark, born in Glasgow, Father is Thomas Dobbie, Mother is Mary ______, date 06-23-1880, married to James McFARLANE. (MSAL) ------------ DIED, at Lanark, on Fri., Oct. 7th, Mr. Thomas DOBBIE, aged 58 yrs. (thus born cir 1825) (PC Oct 13, 1883). | Will of Thomas DOBBIE, hotel keeper, dated 25 Sept 1883, lists wife Mary McLELLAN, daughters Charlotte, wife of James McFARLAND and Annie, unmaried. Son James. DOBBIE, Thomas D 1883.10.05 008360-83 M91 Lanark 30 -- Surrogate Court Letters of Administration to the estate of Mary DOBBIE, Village of Lanark, who died Aug 13, 1891, list beneficiaries of her estate as Charlotte Corry McFARLANE, Annie Maria McINTYRE, and James Norman DOBBIE. | At her residence, Lanark, Thurs. Aug 13, Mary McLELLAN, relict of late Mr. Thomas DOBBIE, in her 66th year. To Lanark Village Cem. (PC, Aug. 14, 1891). DOBBIE, Mary D 1891.08.13 008051-91 F91 Lanark 30 -- Will of James Norman DOBBIE, hotel-keeper, who died Jan. 29, 1924, lists wife Eva. ======================================================================


------------ DOBBIE, Elizabeth, Lanark, 09-20-1835, to John BROWN, Dalhousie. (SELM). ------------ MARRIED, on the 1st inst, by Rev. W. Bain, Mr. Hiram GILES, of Ramsay Twp., to Miss Mary Jane DOBIE of Lanark Twp. (Perth, St. Andrew's Presbyterian). (PC Jan 5, 1872 & MPRP). | Jane McMillan GILES, dau of Hiram GILES & Mary Jane DOBBIE, born 13 July 1872, bap. 28 Jan. 1875 by Rev. Wm Cochrane, Presbyterian. (BMES) ----- DOBBIE, James, 1830-1907 McMILLAN, Jane, 1817-1865 Plot 314, Lanark Village Cemetery (CLV) DOBBIE, James C D 1907.04.01 016490-07 M91 Lanark 30 ------------ MARRIED, at the manse, Knox Church, Perth, on Wed. 17th Sept., by Rev. Wm. Brown, Mr. John STEWART, of Bathurst, to Miss Eliza Ann DOBBIE, of Lanark. (PC Sep 20, 1878). | 17-09-1878 - John STEWART, son of Alexander & Janet STEWART, to Eliza A. DOBBIE, dau of James & Jane McMILLAN. (Perth, Free Presbyterian). (MPRP/PMAR) -- At. St. Andrews Church, Lanark, New Years Night, Dr. J. McINTYRE, Chicago, to Miss Annie DOBBIE, of Lanark by Rev. Jas Wilson. (PC Jan 3, 1890). -- Wed. Dec. 22, by Rev. S.J. Hughes, at the home of the bride's father, Mr. David G. DOBBIE, Middleville, Lanark Co., to Miss Hetty POOLE, daughter of Mr. John POOLE, Perth. (PC, Dec. 31, 1897). -- At the residence of bride's father, Glen Tay, by Rev. R.L.M. Houston, Merrickville, Jan. 28, Mr. J.N. DOBBIE, Lanark to Miss E.A. BOND. (PC, Jan. 30, 1891). | At the home of her son-in-law, James DOBBIE, Clyde Hotel, Lanark, Thurs. Nov 22, (RM says Nov. 29) Catherine PERRETT, wife of George BOND, in her 89th year. Native of Limerick, Ire., came to Can. as young girl, father Thomas P., settling near Appleton. Married in Carlton Place Apr. 15, 1858. 3 sons, 2 dau: Joseph & William, dec.; George, Sacremento Ca.; Mrs R.R. DRYSDALE & Mrs. James DOBBIE, Lanark. more.... (PC, Nov. 30, 1917, RM, Dec. 7, 1917) -- Dec 21, Miss Rosa Ann MUNRO died at the res of her brother John, Scotch Line ... cousin of Mrs. Jas McFARLANE and Mr. J.N. DOBBIE, Lanark. (PC Jan 5, 1899). -- At Lanark, Tues. Jan. 29, James N. DOBBIE, ageed 55 yrs, 8 mos., prop of Clyde Hotel. Born in Lanark Village in May 1868, only son of M&M Thomas DOBBIE. Two sisters: Charlotte, Mrs. James McFARLANE, Lanark; & Annie, Mrs. Dr. McINTYRE, Chicago, who died a few yrs ago. Married 33 yrs ago, to Eva, dau of M&M George BOND, Glen Tay. (PC, Feb. 1, 1924). -- George BOND, Lanark celebrated 92nd bd. Thurs. Oct. 31 .... at res of his dau. Mrs. J.N. DOBBIE, Clyde Auto Inn. (PC, Nov. 8, 1929). --- Lanark Village Cemetery: DOBBIE, Thomas, Oct. 5, 1883, aged 58 yrs , Mary, Aug. 13, 1891, aged 66 yrs , James N., Jan 29, 1929, aged 66 yrs BOND, Eva, 1868-1963 All above buried in plot 345, Lanark Village Cemetery (CLV) DOBBIE, Thomas D 1883.10.05 008360-83 M91 Lanark 30 DOBBIE, Mary D 1891.08.13 008051-91 F91 Lanark 30 ----------- MARRIED, on 11 Mar, at the Sherman Home, Lake City, Minn., by Rev. Mr. Haslet, Mr. John DOBBIE, of Crystal Springs, Minn., to Eliza McLELLAN, formerly of Twp. of Bathurst. (PC Apr 7, 1878). | Mrs. John MacLEAN, 65, died at her home in Lanark Feb. 15. Born Charlotte McLELLAN in Bathurst on homestead 1 mile from Christie's Lake. Was youngest of family of 11, all dead except Mrs. John DOBBIE, N. Dakota. Married 38 years ago last Nov. by late Jas Wilson. 1 son Eddie born, but died at age 15. James DOBBIE is nephew and Mrs. James McFARLANE a niece. Miss Minnie MacLEAN, New York and Essie MacLEAN, Arnprior attended the funeral of their aunt. (PC Feb. 23, 1912). | At Nekoma, ND, Jan. 22, Mrs. John DOBBIE. Born Eliza McLELLAN in Bathurst 65 yrs ago. Married some 40 yrs ago in MN. Leaves husband & 4 sons: James, John, William and Edward. (PC, Feb. 25, 1916). -------- At the home of her daughter, Balderson, Thurs. Jan 3, Mrs. Ann WHYTE, aged 85 yrs. Nee Anna GALLINGER in 1833, Lanark Twp. Married Joshua W. in 1851 .... 1 bro & 1 sis; George, Prestonvale and Mrs. J. DOBBIE, Brandon, MB. Elmwood Cem. Sat Jan. 5. (PC Jan. 11, 1918). | At the home of his dau Mrs. Thos HORROCKS, Presstonvale, Thurs. May 26, George GALLINGER, aged 79 yrs. Born in Lanark Twp, & 4 yrs ago sold his farm. Married abgt 40 yrs ago to Miss Maggie STEWART, Balderson, who d. in 1916. Leaves 3 sons & 2 daus. Allan & George, Peace River dist; Harry, Drummond; Mrs. John McTAVISH, (Nellie), Fergus; & Mrs. Thos HORROCKS (Maggie), Prestonvale. Only surviving member of the family is Mrs. James DOBBIE, Brandon, Man. (PC, June 3, 1921). -------- Ontario birth certificate 003602-77, MS 929, Reel 28: Norman William DOBBIE, Sept. 22, 1877 Father: James Dobbie, Jr., farmer Mother: Margaret GALLINGER Residence: Lanark Twp.; Registered Nov. 26, 1877 --- Ontario birth certificate 009801-73, MS 929, Reel 10: Olivia Jane DOBBIE, June 10, 1873 Father: James Dobbie, labourer Mother: Margaret GALLINGER Residence: Lanark Twp.; Remarks: Father absent from home. At Niagara N.Y. Thurs Jan 19, Norman L. DOBBIE, in his 32nd year .... native of Dalhousie. (PC, Feb. 10, 1911). ? DOBBIE, James, 1846-1895 , Olive Jane, 1875-1879 , Norman W., 1879-1911 Above in plot 315, Lanark Village Cemetery (CLV) DOBBIE, Olive Jane D 1877.11.19 006588-77 F91 Lanark Twp 30 -------- Oct. 8, by Rev. Jas Wilson, at house of bride's father, Mr. William DUNCAN, Dalhousie, to Jane, 2nd dau of David DOBBIE, Esq., 2nd line Lanark. (PC Oct. 17, 1890). -------- Wed. June 24, at home of bride's mother, 134 20th St., Brandon, Man., Miss Elizabeth, dau of late John CUMMING, Watson's Cors, to James Frederick DOBBIE, of Cumming & Dobbie, (fuel dealers) that city. (PC, July 17, 1914). ======================================================================


------------ 30-06-1854 - William ELLIOTT to Margaret DOBBIE/DOBIE (Perth, Presbyterian). (MPRP/PMAR) ------------ Pearl May DOBBIE, born 1-Nov-1903, address Lanark Twp., baptised at St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Lanark; dau. of James C. Dobbie & Emma Wright. (BSAL) | 30-06-1920 - William Lloyd NORTH, son of Robert & Janet SHANKS, to Pearl May DOBBIE, dau of James & Emma WRIGHT. (Clayton & Lanark, Methodist). (MPRP/PMAR) | At the home of William Duncan, Watson's Corners, Wed. June 30, by J.K. Matthews, Lanark Meth., Miss Pearl May, dau of late James DOBBIE and present Mrs. Wm DUNCAN (nee Emma WRIGHT) to William Lloyd, eldest son of M&M Robert NORTH, Playfair .... bride's cousin Carrie M. DUNCAN .... groom's brother Delbert. (PC, July 9, 1920). | NORTH, William Lloyd, Bathurst, age 68, 1899-1968, wife DOBBIE, Pearl, M. Plot 8-24, Playfair Cemetery. (CBT) ------------ At St. Andrew's Manse, Lanark, Wed. Apr. 27, by Wm. McDonald, Alfred DOBBIE, Herron's Mills, to Mary, daughter of M&M John ABRAM, Darling. (PC, May 13, 1910). DOBBIE, Alfred, Lanark, age 90, 1876-1966, husb of Mary L.J. ABRAM, bur. plot 327, Hopetown Cemetery. (CLTC) DOBBIE, Mary Lucy Jane, Lanark, age 77, died 02-07-1962, wife of Alfred DOBBIE, bur. plot 327, Hopetown Cemetery. (CLTC) | Alfred DOBBIE - 1876-1966 / His wife, Mary L.J. ABRAM - 1884-1962 (HC) | In Lanark Twp, Thurs June 22, to M&M Alfred DOBBIE, a son. (PC, July 14, 1911). James Lester DOBBIE, born 21-Jun-1911, baptised St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Lanark; son of Alfred Dobbie & Mary ABRAM. (BSAL) 03-08-1938 - James Lester DOBBIE, son of Alfred & Mary ABRAM, to Jennie Doreen WHYTE, dau of James & Sarah Elizabeth SCOBIE, (Middleville, United Church). (MPRP/PMAR) DOBBIE, James Lester, Lanark, age 63, 1911-1974, husb of Jean Doreen WHYTE, bur. plot 226, Hopetown Cemetery. (CLTC) DOBBIE, Jean Doreen (WHYTE), Lanark, age 73, 1905-1978, wife of James Lester DOBBIE, bur. plot 226, Hopetown Cemetery. (CLTC) DOBBIE, twin sons of James & Jean, Lanark, died 1941, bur. plot 226, Hopetown Cemetery. (CLTC) | Mary Elizabeth DOBBIE, born 13-Mar-1916, baptised St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Lanark; daughter of Alfred Dobbie & Mary ABRAM. (BSAL) | In Lanark Twp., Oct. 11, to M&M Alfred DOBBIE, twin boys. (PC, Nov. 1, 1918). David Alfred DOBBIE and John Francis DOBBIE, born 11-Oct-1918, baptised St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Lanark; sons of Alfred Dobbie & Mary ABRAM. (BSAL) | In Lanark Twp., Mon. Apr. 2, to M&M Alfred DOBBIE, a son. (PC, Apr 13, 1923). ------------ In Dalhousie, Sun. Nov. 20, to M&M Thos DOBBIE, a son. (PC, Dec. 9, 1921). ------------ 26-11-1941 - James Cecil DOBBIE, son of Thomas & Sarah Jane WRIGHT, to Olive Bertha CAMERON, dau of Thomas & Eliza Ann BUCHAN (MacDonald's Corners, Presbyterian). (MPRP/PMAR) | DOBBIE, Thomas; Balderson & Lanark, age 75, died 10-03-1948, husb of WRIGHT?, bur. plot B-113, Elmwood Cemetery, Perth. (BREC). | DOBBIE, Sarah Jane (Wright); Bathurst, age 69, died 10-20-1951, wife of Thomas DOBBIE, bur. plot B-113, Elmwood Cemetery, Perth. (BREC). | DOBBIE, James Cecil, Bathurst, age 74, died 12-05-1979, wife Olive Bertha CAMERON, bur. plot B-17 Elmwood Cemetery, Perth. (BREC) -- DOBBIE, Lawson A., Bathurst, infant, died 06-15-1981, son of Alvin & Dorothy, bur. plot B-17, Elmwood Cemetery, Perth. (BREC) ======================================================================


Thomas DOBBIE, Tsp of Bathurst, farmer Died 3 Oct 1948 Wife is Sarah Jane; Sons Thomas DOBBIE & Cecil DOBBIE; Daughter Eva ELLIOTT. Farm is Rear 1/2 Lot 26 Con 5, Bathurst. -- John William DOBBIE Died 5 Jan 1954 Left estate to David A. DOBBIE Executor was Miss Edna HERRON, teacher of Perth. -- William DOBBIE Died 20 Aug 1954 Wife Winnifred Sons James H. DOBBIE & Willard DOBBIE. W 1/2 Lot 11 Con 02 Lanark and W 1/2 Lot 12 Con 02 Lanark -- Alfred DOBBIE Died 30th May 1966 Sons: Kenneth Crawford DOBBIE (got farm) John Francis DOBBIE James Lester DOBBIE David Alfred DOBBIE E 1/2 Lot 11 Con 02 Lanark and W 1/2 Lot 11 Con 03 Lanark as described in Reg deed J-4666. -- John Francis DOBBIE, textile dyer Died 21 July 1968 Brothers: David Alfred DOBBIE, labourer Kenneth Crawford DOBBIE, laundry manager Daughters: Bonnie Sharon DOBBIE Lynn Elizabeth DOBBIE -- Shirley Virginia DOBBIE, Village of Lanark Died 10 Feb. 1967 Three properties in Lanark village. ====================================================================== DOBBIE, Bonnie Sharon, Lanark, age 38, died 06-12-1988, dau of John & Shirley, bur. plot 260, Hopetown Cemetery. (CLTC) | DOBBIE, John F., Lanark, age 50, 1918-1968, husb. of Shirley V. MURRAY, plot 260, Hopetown Cemetery. (CLTC) | DOBBIE, Murray W., Lanark, (infant?), died 1952, son of John & Shirley, bur. plot 260, Hopetown Cemetery. (CLTC) | DOBBIE, Shirley V. (MURRAY), age 40, 1927-1967, wife of John F. DOBBIE, bur. plot 260, Hopetown Cemetery. (CLTC) -------- DOBBIE, David Alfred, Lanark, age 53, 1917-1971, husband of Mary Althea, bur. plot 268, Hopetown Cemetery. (CLTC) | DOBBIE, Mary Althea, Lanark, born 1919. (not dead) plot 268, Hopetown Cemetery. (CLTC) -------- DOBBIE, Jean W., Lanark, b. 1921, plot 237, Hopetown Cemetery. (CLTC) Jean W. DOBBIE, wife of William Carl PAUL, 1921 - (HC) | DOBBIE, Margaret, Lanark age 35, 1916-1951, plot 237, Hopetown Cemetery. (CLTC) Margaret E. PAUL - 1916-1951 / Margaret DOBBIE, wife of Wm. Carl PAUL - 1916-1951 (HC) William Carl PAUL 1909 - 1990 (HC) --------- DOBBIE, John William, Lanark, age 80, died 01-05-1854, plot 267, Hopetown Cemetery. (CLTC) ------ DOBBIE, Ina Althea (DORAN), Hopetown, age 68, died 12-26-1988, wife of (1)BARR, (2)DOBBIE, Willard, no plot number, Hopetown Cemetery. (CLTC)


------------ DOBBIE - LOCKERBIE - Elsie Lockerbie, d/o Lanson Lockerbie of Ventnor to John Dobbie, s/o George Dobbie on June 25, 1907 (KA article) ------------ Born to Mrs. John DOBBIE of Ventnor, a daughter, Oct. 31, 1912. (KA) ------------ Died - Mrs. John DOBBIE of Ventnor on Feb. 12 (1919), age 31, survived by husband, daughters Jessie & Lillian, parents Mr. & Mrs. LOCKERBIE, 7 sisters, 4 brothers. (KA) DOBBIE, Elsie Isabella D 1919.02.12 019059-19 F91 Ventnor 17 DOBBIE, George D 1919.02.19 019068-19 M91 Ventnor 17 ------------ DAVIDSON-DOBBIE - Mary E. DOBBIE, youngest daughter of Mr. Frances DOBBIE of Ventnor, to Wallace DAVIDSON, s/o the late Mr. John DAVIDSON of Ventnor, at Spencerville on Oct. 17, 1916. (KA) ======================================================================


---------------------------------------------------------------------- Jan 23, 250 Cooper St., Ottawa, H. Ellen (sic -- Hellen?) DOBBIE, wife of Rev. Hugh TAYLOR of East Templeton and formerly Presbyterian pastor at Lochwinnoch. (RM, Feb. 1, 1918). ------------ Ontario death certificate 001865-88, MS 935, Reel 50: Margret DOBBIE, died Sept. 19, 1887, age 56 years Born: Smiths Falls; Died in Chesley, Ont. Informant: John DOBBIE ----------- Ontario birth certificate 008688-76, MS 929, Reel 23 Sarah Elizabeth Dobbie, born March 3, 1876 in Georgetown, Ont. Father: John Dobbie, teacher Mother: Abigail SPENCE Registered: April 1, 1876 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- DOBBIE -- C. Thomas; History of the Counties of Argenteuil, Que. and Prescott, Ont., p. 413. I've seen this index entry only -- haven't looked at the listed book. (ABGC) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ---end of dobbie notes---